What is AWS, and Why Should I take AWS Training?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification is provided to the individuals or companies after passing the examinations conducted by the cloud providers of Amazon. The exams are held on various cloud-related topics and preferable paths and subpaths on it based on the interest of the candidate. The certificate can be used for 2 years from the year of certification, after which one can go for recertification on passing the same or any other specific examination based on the cloud. There are several paths from which one can be chosen, and the exam is attempted based on the questions from the selected route. Starting from software developers to IT professionals and individuals with managerial and sales skills can attempt this exam and get AWS certified. Even interested individuals can also be the cloud practitioner, certification of which can be a good asset for many posts in an organization.

Why AWS Training?

The AWS cloud platform is a common platform for most business giants all across the globe. Moreover, if you are in an IT company and looking for a new role or post on the same platform, then AWS certification can be quite an essential possessing. Having a certificate means that you have the required skills in cloud computing. On the other hand, salary for such certified AWS professionals is also more than the standard practitioner. Thus if you want to be in a superior level of your organization at this point, AWS Online Course could be highly beneficial for your career.

Who provides AWS Training ?

If you are looking out for the AWS certification for promotion in your IT Company or cloud-based company, taking a formal education program for the chosen sector is highly beneficial. Renowned certified institutes like AWS Training can surely be your best support throughout your preparation for your examination. Experienced industry experts from many reputed companies can guide you in the best conduct by explaining every topic clearly and discussing it further. With the sole aim of delivering the knowledge and skills required to pass the AWS exams, the dedicated lecturers do their best to organize every topic in the syllabus in an easy understanding way.

They are the most renowned and reputed institute in Pune with cent percent job assurance after the completion of a training program for any chosen paths by the candidates. A decade of experience in the industry with thousands of students, who are AWS certified and several business partners and clients from all across. It also makes it the most trusted training institute in Pune if you are looking for a cloud-based AWS certification on any preferred path of your interest.

Various paths and definite subpaths for each of them are offered by the cloud provider for professionals from several departments. ATP provides a high-quality educational program with proper practical system and real-time project assistance as well. A dedicated team of experienced and dedicated professionals is appointed for resume formation, placement, and career guidance, which makes it the best support throughout the training system for any kind of aspirants, that might be the interested candidates with no experience. Professionals are already working in an IT-based company of software developing company and employees those who want a hike in salary and level in the organization.

AWS Training in Pune
AWS Training in Pune

Best AWS Training in Pune

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Why Choose AWS Training ?

At our AWS courses, you find definite mileage along multiple dimensions that directly impact your knowledge and practice aptitudes! Here are the parameters that differentiate us –

We Begin from Fundamentals

we start with basics so that none of the essential concepts are missed from Training.

Detailed Discussions on All Topics

 the due time is allotted to all the issues of the AWS course to ensure that seamless presentation is delivered to the learners.

Practical Sessions Through Simulation Projects

to allow the candidates to develop the applicative skills of practical relevance.

Hands-on Training on Real-Time Projects

we offer dynamic Training to the candidates who assist as team members on live projects undertaken by AWS Training in Pune for the business clients. It generates optimal practical experience in them & also develops teamwork capacity.

Select Lectures on the Latest AWS Topics

advanced and latest AWS topics of high relevance in the industry are taken up through dedicated lectures by subject experts. It instills frontline skills in the candidates.

(Amazon recertification is required every two every to keep the professionals up to date in their skills and knowledge. With our targeted AWS courses on the latest topics, you are well equipped to take such tests and remain buoyant without any lags!)

Highly Qualified Trainers Onboard

 AWS certified and experienced professionals offer Training sessions that maximize the learning and knowledge.

Well Researched Curriculum and Training Module

AWS Training curriculum at AWS Training in Pune has been developed after detailed research, and a definite flowchart approach is followed for best results in the stipulated timeline.

AWS Certifications Oriented Training for Candidates

all the courses are developed to let the candidates qualify various AWS certifications and thus become qualified professionals. Specialty certification courses are conducted separately.

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Happy Students

Best institute for AWS Online Training. The Counselors first analyze our skills and based on it they give you better career opportunities which can give a better shape to your life. I will Suggest if anyone is serious about their career into AWS they must join 3RI Technologies.
Mahima Gaikwad
3RI training institute is the best platform for me to explore myself and start my career into AWS. They also provide me a lot of interview calls. The training provided by 3RI is excellent. The environment is very good and all staff is also very good and helpful...
Sheetal Jagtap
3RI Technologies provides the best AWS online training. I have completed my AWS certification from 3RI and got placed in Top MNC with a very good package and Completely satisfied with the services of the institute.
Viraj Gupta

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

AWS has grown significantly through its offers that have specialized functional orientations to cater to targeted segments in the social economy. While businesses are reaping the smart cost advantages and efficiency through AWS cloud clusters, the developers have found enhanced potentials to make better portals and management systems. However, for deriving the maximum output from AWS, the professional needs to develop deeper insights so that creative and novel uses could be leveraged. Also, the ability to make combined use of various functional platforms of AWS is vital to generate the best value that is resonant with the client’s demands and operational portfolios. AWS Training has been designed AWS(Amazon Web Services) Course to ensure the best knowledge acquisition by the candidates and also to develop in them, the practical insights of applicative dimensions.

AWS courses in Pune at “AWS Training” include detailed sessions on the following –

  • Amazon EC2 (virtual computing platform through the offering of cloud servers)
  • Amazon S3 (dedicated storage solutions for business clients through the web interface)
  • Amazon VPC (cloud-hosted compute, storage and application infrastructure for enterprises)
  • Amazon RDS (relational database management platform to achieve buoyant and responsive functional interfaces)
  • Amazon Cloud Front (a CDN – content delivery network for the transfer of media, videos, applications, and APIs at faster speeds)
  • Amazon DynamoDB (a NoSQL database platform for efficiently managing distributed data sets)
  • Amazon ElastiCache (cloud-hosted cache memory service for improving web apps efficiency)
  • Amazon Lambda (offering the demanded compute capacities for hosting web events)
  • Amazon Aurora (another relational database service under AWS)
  • Amazon ElastiSearch (search engine based out of Lucene library)
  • Amazon Redshift (internet hosting and data warehousing service via the cloud)
  • Amazon CloudWatch (dynamic monitoring and management tools for the developers)
  • Amazon Route53 (domain name service that can be scaled dynamically)
  • Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (allows demanded orchestration of the above services and functions of AWS so that resonant results are obtained for the business client)

AWS Training at AWS Training  is delivered by highly experienced, and Amazon certified experts who are leading vital projects in the industry. They work as a team of subject experts to ensure that no gaps are produced in learning, and the candidates develop practical insights for the best use of AWS.

Having an AWS certification can help you stand out in the competitive market, whether you prefer an IT company or software development organization. The hiring process can also be simplified for you to a great extent as you will already have the required skills and knowledge on the chosen job. Moreover, AWS certified candidates are in high demand nowadays in the market that makes you a standout competitor among all other regular cloud practitioners. Furthermore, Amazon is having 33% of the share of the entire cloud computing market, which makes it leading from the real competitor Microsoft, which makes the certification high on-demand from all aspects.

IT professionals can obtain the AWS (Amazon Web Services) certification after passing one or more examinations that are offered by the public cloud providers. The knowledge and skills upon the technical cloud are tested in these examinations. Exams are conducted for the
architects, administrators as well as administrators for several kinds of certifications. An AWS certificate obtained by passing the examination from the certified cloud providers lasts for 2 years, and later it can be re-certified after the expiration date. One can get certification on any preferred exams based on their knowledge and skills.


Most professionals of different IT companies and software industry struggles in deciding whether or not to go for the Training on cloud-based AWS for the chosen paths. However, formal Training is undoubtedly always a better choice through a well organized educational program that is dedicated for AWS certification in Pune. Although enrolling in an education program is quite a lengthy process that consumes time, money as your need for advanced Training on the AWS platform can surely be justified with the real-time practice and flawless delivery of knowledge from industry experts of reputed companies. 

Besides, there are certain benefits to getting enrolled into a formal AWS training program in Pune which can be beneficial to both professionals as well as interested individuals in passing the examinations on the chosen path, they are

  • If you are serious in getting the AWS certification to get an increment or to jump to the higher level in your working IT or software organization, then you can get the required knowledge as well as skills to attain the level you desire.
  • Experienced professionals from the various reputed and renowned organizations can deliver the most advanced practices of the cloud-based knowledge, which may not be possible if you choose for individual Training from available resources.
  • The experienced lecturers can do a clear cut explanation on every topic from the chosen path from the renowned institutes, which is better than the conventional theoretical studying process. Moreover, practicing random topics from the syllabus can’t be enough in a real-time examination conducted by cloud providers.
  • Even though getting AWS certified takes effort, time, and dedication, experienced lecturers can reduce your efforts to a great extent, which also reduces the time consumption for practices.
  • Assisting the real-time projects which are undertaken by the industry experts will enhance your skills and potential to a whole new level and makes the exam a bit easier than acquiring just the theoretical expertise.

Six different certifications are offered by AWS, which are categorized into 4 paths that include Architect, Developer, Cloud Practitioner, Operations, and additional subpaths. Furthermore, there is also a specialty path which is divided into five subpaths. One can get
certifications from any of the preferred specific groups by renowned institutes that offer AWS Training in Pune.

  1. Architect path: – Solution architects, solution design engineers can find this path the favorable ones by choosing any one of the two architect sub-paths, which includes AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and AWS certified solutions Architect professional.
  2. Developer path: – This path is designed for software developers who are interested in developing the cloud application on AWS. Two different sub-paths are offered under this category, which includes AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer professional.
  3. Cloud Practitioner path: – Individuals who are interested in understanding of the AWS cloud infrastructure and computing can find this path helpful, starting from the fundamentals. This path can be useful for the candidates who are in technical, managerial, purchasing, financial roles, or sales and are working with the AWS cloud.
  4. Operations path: – Sysops administrators, system administrators, and people who are in DevOps role can find this path useful to learn how to create Application deployments that are repeatable and automatable. Additionally, developers working on different networks and systems on the AWS platform can also find the subpaths, including AWS, Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate, and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professionals extremely useful.
  5. Specialty Path: – This path is designed for experienced software developers and offers fiver specialty certifications. Specialty paths include several sub-paths, namely AWS Certified Big Data, AWS Certified Advanced Networking, AWS Certified Security, AWS Certified Machine learning, and AWS certified Alexa Skill Building.

The exams offered by cloud providers of AWS are the professional exams that need the advanced knowledge and skills on cloud computing based on the path chosen by the candidates. ATP is the most preferred choice by both professionals as well as individuals interested in cloud
development. AWS Classes in Pune ensures to enhance both general practices to strengthen the knowledge of computing and real-time practice skills by undertaking projects to bring out the best outcomes from the students. Lectures by the industrial experts from renowned companies can explain every topic from fundamentals to build the basic blocks and then go on to the advanced skill practices and specialty paths as well.

Being the largest cloud service provider from all across the globe in the IT market, AWS certification can be a matter of much importance from almost all companies. Fresher can find it too useful as they can get a job related to cloud services easily by the certification and knowledge acquired in the renowned institutes. Moreover, if you can find a reputed institute with a high-quality educational program on any of your chosen paths, the skills from real-time practice as an assistant in projects can be of great benefit in several aspects. 

Benefits of AWS certification as a fresher

  • Having an AWS certification on any path and then the chosen subpaths may not bring you the job, but the knowledge acquired from the institutes through real-time projects can be highly beneficial. Employers from all renowned companies lookout for the practical experience on the cloud computing-based area along with certifications.
  • A certified practitioner, there is no need to look out for a job in the market and then practicing separately for the props required in that company. It will surely increase the chances of getting recruited to any chosen company.
  • Credibility is also one of the most essential and considerable factors for a fresher. If a newer and a certified person attend for an interview, then the one with certification will be given utmost importance and preference. In some cases, the job will be guaranteed too.
  • An increase in demand for such certified professional is also seen in the market. Once you are AWS certified, chances will come searching for your resume due to the incredible impact made by the certificate from AWS.

If you are a fresher, then get enrolled in a renowned institute like AWS training in Pune to get the best theoretical knowledge accompanied by the practical skills for exams. 

AWS has evolved as a new revolution in computing and offers to reduce the cost of the businesses that it also reaps visible efficiency enhancements.AWS has grown to a greater extent because of its offers that have specialized functional orientations to cater to the targeted segments in the social economy.

However, for extracting the maximum juice from AWS, the professional needs to develop deeper insights on creative and novel uses could be leveraged. The ability to make combined use of various functional platforms of AWS is very much needed to produce the best value that is required by the client’s demands and operational portfolios.

But the main question is where one can get the best Training in AWS. So we are presenting you ‘ATP’ ~ AWS Training in Pune. AWS Training in Pune offers you the best Training that would mold you to be a pleasant and efficient aspirant. A perfect AWS Training Institute must possess the following facilities.

  • Hands-on workshop/Project: Deploying a web-application using AWS services
  • Releasing a PHP application to access required files on S3 through EC2
  • Deploy a  PHP application to create tables, insert values in Dynamo Db through EC2
  • Lab on Kinesis, through cloud formation
  • Designing Fault-tolerant and Highly Available architecture
  • Data Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Deployment on AWS
  • Cost Optimization in AWS

And so does we provide all the facilities at our institute, making us one of the best institutes for Training for AWS.

AWS Training Institute in Pune offers you the comprehensive AWS certification training provided by experts with 12+ years of experience in the industry. The complete AWS training course is followed by the AWS Certified Associate and Developer level exam.

If you want to move into this elite stream of AWS expertise, then get enrolled for AWS Training now.

AWS Certification in Pune