AWS Training in Pune

AWS Training in Pune

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AWS Training in Pune

Trained 10,000+ Students |  50+ hrs course duration | 15+ hrs assignment duration | Evaluation after each module

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AWS Training

AWS training in Pune

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a descendant of Amazon, which offers a la carte cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and Governments on an estimated prepaid basis. 

AWS web services offer basic abstracts for technical architecture and distributed computing building blocks and tools. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is one of AWS’s services that allows users to use a virtual cluster of computers, available all the time, through the Internet as they please. Most of the attributes of a real computer, including hardware CPU (Central Processing Unit) and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) for processing, other storage devices like RAM and SSD storage, OS (Operating System), Networking, Databases, and CRM (Customer Relationship manager) are imitated in AWS version of virtual computers.

So you need to master AWS from AWS professionals and strengthen your expertise and knowledge. AWS Cloud is the future, so train now and build your future with AWS Cloud. Many organizations use AWS Cloud, so they need cloud skills and can transform their business. AWS Training in Pune and Certification helps you create and authenticate your cloud skills so you can gain highly paid jobs.

AWS Training in Pune is best that trains and guide students for certification

As of now, AWS holds a 34% share globally. It complements the smart function of high utility for the application like Virtual Storage, Networking, Databases. Robotics, Media development tools, IOT (Internet of things), and CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) 

With such bulletproof matrix functionality up to the sale, there is no contradiction that the demand for AWS professionals is surging. It has accompanied the need for AWS certification courses. But unless you have expertise in AWS, you are unable to gain certification for AWS. We at AWS training in Pune are ready and provide A-1 AWS Online Training, and our expert trainers guide students to achieve certification with proficiency in AWS. 


Course Overview

Missed Session Recovered

Trainers can recover missed sessions by giving guidelines and repeating session content. We focus on individuals so that they can develop individually and independently.

Live Project Availability

Live projects hands-on experience is the best way to let the student gain expertise in AWS. It makes students aware of their shortcomings concerning demand in the IT sector to focus in the right direction. The hands-on projects and case studies provided by our institute are as follows.

  • Hands-on workshop/Project: Deploying a web-application using AWS services
  • Deploy a Python/Java application to access/create/upload files on S3 through EC2
  • Deploy a Python/Java application to create tables, insert values in DynamoDb through
  • EC2
  • Lab on Kinesis, through cloud formation.
  • Designing Fault-tolerant and Highly Available architecture
  • Data Security
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Deployment on AWS
  • Cost Optimization in AWS

Live Training from Trainer (Learn Like Classroom)

Live training sessions that we provide are similar to classroom sessions, which provide students theoretical and practical knowledge. Our trainers are well-groomed in conducting online sessions. They make sure the students are following and practicing as per the syllabus we have provided. Trainers cover all topics related to the course with student pace. We make sure every theoretical session will have a practical base by practicing on practical examples and projects that help the student gain expertise in AWS according to the IT sector’s standard. Our motto is to provide training with a friendly environment and interactive sessions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for AWS online Training 

Our institute is one of the institutes that provide the Best Online Courses for AWS. We offer flexible batch timings. We match the batch timings according to the students’ time availability. Students can select the batch according to their availability, from the vast number of batches we planned.

The study material we provide contains all the concepts, practical examples, and even the latest trends. You can compare the study material with all the other AWS Online Training Institute in India.

Our trainer will make sure that you are in pace with AWS online class. Trainers can recover missed sessions by giving guidelines and repeating session content. We focus on individuals at AWS Courses Online so that they can develop individually and independently. 

You can gain a high paid job with AWS. Job opportunities are unlimited. You can become an expert in AWS and become a certified AWS cloud practitioner with AWS training in Pune.

You can ask doubts at any time in AWS online class.Also, you can mail/call your doubts about trainers. Your understanding while attending AWS online classis the most crucial factor in developing yourself and being competent in AWS while attending AWS online training.

Students should have basic knowledge of Operation and Infrastructure. So that can quickly and smoothly be in pace with AWS Certification online training.

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With 10 years of experience and industry experts faculty of AWS (Amazon Web Services), we enhanced our AWS Training in Pune at the next level.


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