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Top 11 AWS Certification Courses with Learning Path

Top 11 AWS Certification Courses with Learning Path

Do you want to know why AWS Certification courses is more popular than other licenses in the cloud market? And what is the best AWS certification for you? How do I go about earning my credentials? If you answered “yes,” you’ve found the proper site. This article details the processes required to get each AWS credential.

In this blog, we compiled a list of all the types of AWS Certifications in 2023 and a complete learning path for each. You’ll have no trouble deciding which certification is best for your career.

Before discussing the different kinds of AWS certifications and how to get them, let’s talk about what they are and why they are essential.

AWS Certification Courses with Learning Path

AWS Certification – What Is It?

Amazon Web Services has more tools and services than any other cloud service. Amazon Cloud has over 200 full-featured services; any other cloud service company only offers up to 40. The primary benefit of earning an AWS certification is greater recognition for your technical abilities and the ability to establish yourself as an industry expert with expertise beyond AWS Services. Preparing for certification gives you a valuable chance to learn more about what people expect from AWS services.

AWS Certification is an industry-recognized proof that you can use the technology. AWS certifications describe a candidate’s technical skills, design skills, and strategies for deploying and running apps. They give a summary of how stable IT workers are in terms of how they build infrastructure on Amazon Web Services platforms.

What Are the Various Levels of AWS Certification?

Practitioner, Associate, Professional, and Specialist are the four levels of AWS certification.  Each tier has a distinct scope (the extent to which an exam covers AWS services and systems) and depth (the level of technical expertise needed for each exam). 

  •  Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification is an entry-level title for people who understand AWS Cloud services and its key ideas. This certification shows that a person knows how to use the AWS Cloud console, understands AWS’s design, security, and compliance principles, and can name AWS’s core services. It prepares you for more advanced exams and is good for people who want to learn more about AWS services without getting too technical.

  •  Associate

Professionals with experience creating and implementing scalable, cost-effective applications on the AWS platform are the target audience for the AWS Certified Associate credential. Associates can become AWS Certified Solutions Architects, Developers, or SysOps Administrators, among other titles. Individuals’ abilities to utilize AWS services in the real world, apply best practices, and grasp architecture design concepts to create effective solutions on AWS are all evaluated in these certifications.

  • Professional

The AWS Certified Professional certification is for people with a lot of hands-on experience with AWS and who know how to design, deploy, and run large-scale, complex AWS environments.The AWS Certified Solutions Architect is one example of an AWS Certified Professional certification  – Professional and the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional.  These certifications show that the person has a more profound knowledge of AWS services, advanced architectural ideas, and the ability to design highly available systems that can handle problems.

  • Specialist

The AWS Certified Specialist certifications concentrate on specific technology areas or use cases within the AWS ecosystem. These certifications are perfect for workers who want to show they know much about a particular field. AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialist, AWS Certified Database Specialty, and AWS Certified Security Specialty are all examples of these certifications. A specialist certification shows you know more about certain AWS services or industries. It also shows that you can handle unique problems and apply advanced solutions.

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AWS Certification List and Learning Path

The AWS platform encompasses over 200 services and products, making it an extensive resource. Consequently, quite a few credentials are available for professionals in the AWS space. Here is a brief list of the 11 required AWS certification exams.

  1. AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Security, pricing, services, architecture, and support are just a few of the many aspects of the AWS cloud that are comprehensively covered in the certification process for “cloud practitioners.”  This entry-level qualification exam tests how well candidates understand the AWS cloud.

Cloud Practitioner Certification Topic Matter:

  • The basics of the internet and the AWS cloud.
  • AWS cloud architecture principles.
  • AWS cloud value propositions, essential AWS platform services, and use cases for each.
  • Outlines the features of working and deploying on the AWS platform.
  • Admit the value of technical help and manuals.
  • Provide an overview of the core security and compliance options available on the AWS platform.
  • Explain how the money will be charged and how accounts will be managed.

Recommended Information:

  • Any function, including management, technical, sales, finance, or purchasing, requires at least six months of experience.
  • You should also know the basics of IT services and how to implement them within the AWS cloud infrastructure.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam duration is 90 minutes.
  • AWS Exam Price: US$100
  • Languages: English, Korean, Japanese, and simplified Chinese versions of the exam are accessible.
  • Online proctored exams and testing centers are two exam delivery methods.

2. AWS Certified Solution Architect- Associate

By earning this certification, you’ll prove that you have the skills necessary to work with essential AWS services like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Simple Storage Service (S3), and Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Learning about these services, you better grasp how AWS addresses networking, data storage, security, and computation capabilities.

Solutions Architect Certification Topics Include:

  • How to build and deploy reliable applications using AWS technology.
  • Develop a plan based on architectural principles.

Recommended Information:

  • You must have practical knowledge of storage, database, computing, and networking services.
  • You must assess which service best meets the demands of the user.
  • You ought to be capable of deploying and managing services.

Exam Details:

  • Questions are presented in a multiple-choice format.
  • The duration of the exam is 130 minutes.
  • AWS Certification Fee: $150 (Mock/Practice Exam: $20).
  • Languages: English, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese are available.
  • Method of Exam Delivery: Only testing centers.

3. AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Contrary to popular belief, This certification applies to more than just developers. It references development, but it pertains to all AWS users. Elastic Beanstalk, DynamoDB, SNS, and SQS are some AWS services you’ll learn about in this certification.  However, familiarity with the AWS platform and the SDKs and APIs these services utilize to communicate with the outside world is essential.

AWS Certified Developer Topics Include:

  • Working understanding of the fundamentals of AWS services and its core architecture.
  • You should have first-hand knowledge of creating, deploying, maintaining, and designing the application.

Required Information:

  • You must have experience with any high-level programming language.
  • Utilizing AWS CLIs, services, and SDKs, you ought to be able to create applications.
  • You must be familiar with application lifecycle management.
  • You must understand how to utilize and interact with AWS services.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • Exam Length: 135 minutes
  • The exam cost is $150 (mock/practice test cost is $20).
  • Languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, and Korean are available.
  • Test administration method: only assessment centre’s

4. AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

This certification is not just for SysOps administrators but anyone operating on AWS. This certification allows you to understand Cloudwatch and AWS architecture comprehensively. After passing the exam, the SysOps Admin Certification is the most valued Associate credential offered by AWS.

SysOps Administrator Certification Topics Include:

  • How to run, manage, and deploy the application on the AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • To satisfy the organization’s requirements, choose AWS services.
  • You’ll discover how to manage the data flow to and from AWS.

Required Information:

  • You should be acquainted with AWS cloud-based architecture principles.
  • You must understand the relationship between network technologies and AWS.
  • The use of visualization technologies.
  • Capability to interpret architectural specifications.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • Exam Length: 135 minutes
  • The cost is $150 (The mock/practice exam is $20).
  • Available in English, Chinese, Simplified, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Only exam administration in testing facilities

5. AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Two years of experience creating AWS-based applications are required for the Solutions Architect professional certification.

AWS Solutions Architect Topics Include:

  • How to construct dependable and secure AWS-based applications.
  • You will understand the fundamentals and workings of network technology by investigating the AWS platform.
  • Implement strategies for cost management.
  • Introducing hybrid systems.

Required Information:

  • At least two years of experience in cloud architecture development and deployment on AWS is essential.
  • To implement and deploy the apps on the AWS platform, you must be able to assess the architectural requirements of the applications and give recommendations.
  • You must be able to use the five components of the carefully designed AWS architecture.
  • You must possess knowledge of the scripting language.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam length is 170 minutes.
  • The cost is $300 (50 USD for the mock/practice exam).
  • accessible in simplified Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Exam Administration Procedure: Only testing facilities

6. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

With this certification, learn everything you need to know about running, provisioning, and administering apps on the AWS platform. It emphasizes automation, continuous delivery, and two other foundational DevOps ideas. 

DevOps Engineer Covered Topics Include:

  • You will learn what you need to know about the AWS platform to set up a continuous delivery and control system.
  • How to create, administer, and keep up the operational process automation tools.
  • Implement the highly scalable systems that are offered by the AWS platform.

Required Information:

  • You should know how to use at least one high-level computer language well and understand its basics.
  • Recognize current development, operations, and methodology processes.
  • You ought to be familiar with managing operating systems.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam length is 170 minutes
  • Cost is $300 (50 USD for the mock/practice exam).
  • Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Exam administration only through testing facilities

7. AWS Certified Security – Specialty

This certification will test your knowledge of AWS’s security features, such as its encryption, monitoring, logging, and reaction to security incidents.

AWS Certified Security Covered Topics:

  • You can learn about data classifications and AWS data security and processes.
  • You will learn to use the AWS cloud platform’s data encryption methods and security procedures.

Required Information:

  • Workloads that run on the AWS platform have security controls.
  • Putting security options into place.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam duration is 170 minutes
  • The cost is $300 (the mock exam is $40).
  • Accessible in simplified Chinese, English, Korean, and Japanese.
  • Method of Exam Delivery: Only testing centers.

8. AWS Certified Big Data– Specialty

This certification is meant to verify your knowledge of using AWS tools to derive value from data.

Subjects Included in Certified Big Data:

  • How to build and maintain massive data
  • Using the primary extensive data services, AWS provides the following AWS infrastructure.
  • Using tools for data analysis.

Required Information:

  • Before taking the Big Data certification, you must be an AWS-qualified Cloud Practitioner and Associative level qualified.
  • A maximum of five years of practical data analytics expertise are required.
  • Discover how to create a data processing architecture that is both scalable and economical.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam length is 170 minutes
  • Cost: $300 (Mock/practice exam: $40).
  • Available in English, Korean, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.
  • Exam Administration Method: Only testing centers

9. AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

To get certified in advanced networking, you should have experience designing and developing network solutions and know a lot about networking on AWS.

Topics for certification in advanced networking include:

  • You’ll discover how to build and use cloud-based solutions with AWS.
  • How the network architecture used by all AWS services is created and maintained.
  • Using the AWS infrastructure, implement the essential extensive data services.
  • Discover how to use automated tools for data analysis.

Required Information:

  • You must be an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner with the Associative level.
  • A maximum of five years of practical data analytics expertise are required.
  • Discover how to create a data processing architecture that is both scalable and economical.
  • Transition problems to IPv6.
  • The CIDR and subnetting.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam length is 170 minutes.
  • The cost is $300 (the mock exam is $40).
  • Available in English, Chinese, Simplified, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Method of Exam Delivery: Only testing centers.

10. AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

This credential is meant to verify your skills to develop, deploy, and manage machine learning solutions to an organization’s challenges. Anyone who has worked as a developer or data scientist can write this certification. 

Certification in AWS Machine Learning covers material like:

  • You learn to select and defend the optimal ML strategy for a business problem.
  • Select the top AWS services for machine learning implementation.
  • Create and implement machine learning strategies that are affordable, scalable, reliable, and secure.

Required Information:

  • You need at least one to two years of experience building and running AWS ML/deep learning tasks.
  • You must describe the fundamentals of machine learning and how it operates.
  • You ought to be knowledgeable about deep learning and machine learning techniques.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam length is 170 minutes
  • The cost is $300 (50 USD for the mock/practice exam).
  • Available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Tests are only given in testing centers.

11. AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

If you’re confident in your ability to deploy, maintain, and develop Amazon Alexa Skills, you can prove it by earning the Alexa Skill Builder certification. This exam is open to anyone who functions as an Alexa Skill developer.

Alexa Skill Builder Exam Topics May Cover

  • You will realize the significance of having options.
  • Create the user interface.
  • To develop talent, learn how to create architecture.
  • You will discover how to create, validate, fix, and test the skill.
  • You will learn how to handle tasks and the life cycles of skills.

Required Details:

  • At least six months of experience developing Alexa skills, particularly those using AWS cloud services, is preferred.
  • You ought to be adept at any programming language.

Exam Summary:

  • Multiple-choice question format.
  • The exam length is 170 minutes.
  • The exam fee is $40 ($300 total).
  • Languages include English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.
  • Method of Exam Delivery: Only testing centres.

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AWS Training in Pune- ATP

3RI Technologies is a reputable and well-established training institution that offers a variety of IT courses, including AWS training. They are well known for their excellent training and knowledgeable teachers and have numerous branches throughout Pune. The institute aims to give professionals and students the knowledge and tools they need to succeed in the AWS and cloud computing sectors.

Their AWS training program often covers their essential AWS services, cloud architecture, security, storage, databases, and other key ideas. Through useful lab exercises and real-world projects; participants can expect to receive hands-on experience to help them deploy AWS solutions successfully.

AWS training from 3RI Technologies is intended to satisfy the needs of both novice and seasoned IT professionals, and it offers several levels of courses to accommodate diverse skill sets and learning goals. Participants can authenticate their competence and improve their career chances by taking AWS certification examinations for which the institute may help them prepare.

If you’re interested in learning more about 3RI Technologies’ AWS training in Pune or any other specific services offered under the name “ATP,” you should visit the official websites of 3RI Technologies or, read reviews, and get in touch with the relevant institutes for information on course availability, schedules, and enrollment procedures.

Why Is Obtaining an AWS Certification Important?

The following factors demonstrate the importance of AWS Certification.

1. Cloud computing is the future of business :  Most large businesses now employ services provided by AWS. This is because AWS services are faster, more technologically sophisticated, and better equipped than those offered by rival technologies, and AWS offers all features on a single platform.

2. Digital Badges: You will get a digital badge once you have completed the AWS certification. You can use your accomplishment as an email signature and a social media profile picture to gain entry to certification events that AWS sponsors.

3. Exam Discount: When you apply for recertification or any other examinations, you will receive a 50% discount ticket. 

4. Free Sample Exams: Your next AWS certification can be prepared with a practice test voucher.

5. AWS Certified Global group: You can join the certified Linkedin group. It lets you talk to your colleagues and learn about the latest changes to AWS certifications, job openings, and more.

6. Acknowledgment at an event: When you pass the AWS certification exam, you’ll be invited to regional celebrations. Some AWS summit events feature AWS Certification Lounges, which may be accessed with digital badges.

7. Demanded Skills Always Earn More Money: Yes, you can make more money using cloud technologies like Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, Oracle, and others; nevertheless, your technological aptitude will also influence how much you can make.

8. The AWS Certified Store: You’ll get access to the AWS Certified Goods.


In conclusion, AWS certifications are some of the most essential IT certifications, and both businesses and IT professionals want them. An AWS certification badge from the list above can give a worker credibility and self-assurance, and a company can see it as proof that the person is an expert in their field.

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